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UHPA Remembers G. Nelson Armitage

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One of the union’s first professional staff members passed away in October 2006. Chuck, as he was known to his friends, came to higher education advocacy from the West Coast and the Hawaii Teamsters Union where he negotiated and enforced many contracts.

As an UHPA Organization Specialist, Chuck provided outstanding service to faculty members and his fellow staff members from August 1975–December 1988.  Upon retirement, he and his wife, Janet, moved to the state of Washington to be closer to family.  Senior faculty members will recall the tall, slender Chuck Armitage, who always wore a long sleeve Reyn shirt over a white tee shirt in the summer and a coat and tie in winter months, and his well organized approach to his work. His daily lunch–time ritual of preparing lesson plans for his Sunday–School class and his love for his family held great value for Chuck.  We believe Chuck is survived by his son Nelson, daughters Leslie and Nancy, and grandchildren.  His wife Janet passed away a few years ago.  Perhaps those of you who knew Chuck will take a moment to remember him in silent aloha.  

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