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Karl Rhoads for House District 29

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As the son of a mathematics professor and an elementary school teacher, I value education very highly. While multiple factors contribute to the success of a university, financial support is very important. This is true not only for physical plant, but in terms of faculty compensation as well.

Karl Rhoads         

In my eight years in the Legislature (four years as chair of the Committee on Labor and Public Employment), I have done my best to ensure the highest funding levels possible for the university system as a whole, but for faculty in particular.  Unfortunately, during the recession, this often meant minimizing damage and protecting hard-earned collective bargaining rights.

While the rewards of academic life are primarily intellectual, that does not mean that the laws of supply and demand are irrelevant.  Other factors being equal, the university offering the best compensation packages adjusted for cost of living will attract and retain the best faculty.  With the worst budget days behind us, I look forward to more competitive benefits packages for faculty and a sharper focus on moving the University of Hawaii system forward.  If reelected, I will continue to advocate for the University of Hawaii and its faculty.

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